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West Haven Becomes Top 10 Ranked Team In Connecticut

West Haven went from unranked and taking down No. 8 ranked Staples in upsetting fashion, to now being a top team in Connecticut high school football.

A 33-23 road win gave the Blue Devils a fun ride back to West Haven on the humid Friday night. It was a game that you put that ‘classic’ title next to, it was just that big.

First half play saw many missed opportunities from both sides, as we saw scores swap and tie seemingly every possession. The second half was an offensive wake-up for the Westies, I could only imagine the half-time speech that head coach Rich Boshea gave to the team.

Overall it took West Haven a little more than three hours to get the job done, but when the clock hit the quad-zeros, there was a sizable hole punched in the Staples’ lines.

The win would shift the unranked West Haven to now No.5 in Connecticut. They will face Jonathan Law on Thursday night for a 6:00 kickoff.

The Blue Devils are here to play.

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