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The Yankees Are Stuck With Giancarlo Stanton

A .191 batting average for Giancarlo Stanton, is what’s to show for an absolutely miserable season.

In 101 games played and 371 at-bats, Stanton struck out 124 times and only had 71 hits. He still showed his power and clutch ability at times, notching 24 home runs and 60 RBIs. Nevertheless, those 24 home runs and 60 RBIs were the lowest for Stanton in a full season as a Yankee.

Surprisingly, Stanton only had a -0.8 WAR despite a below Mendoza Line batting average.

Do not expect DFA discussions for a few more years, because the New York Yankees will still owe Giancarlo Stanton $32M a year until 2026; when the amount drops to $19M yearly and then $15M in 2027.

The likelihood of Stanton being traded is almost entirely off the table. Think about it: What GM in their right mind wants to take over a huge money contract for an injury prone player that can’t even hit above .200? Even if the Yankees eat some money, the contract is just too big for any team to pick up.

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