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Multiple Surprise Players Highlight New York Giants Franchise QB Leaders

The New York Giants are one of the oldest NFL teams’ in the league being founded in 1925. In almost a century and 1,387 games, the Giants have had a total of 151 different players complete at least one pass attempt, 59 of those being quarterbacks. With that said, who leads the stat(s) as the top QB in Giants’ franchise history? Down below are stat leaders of the major categories centered for the players who play under center.

Eli Manning owns a majority of the categories on this list and will probably never lose his spot at the top. The franchise QB1 has appeared in the most games 236, with Phil Simms blown away in second at 164. Manning also sports the most wins (117), TDs (366) and passing yards at 57,023.

Many have forgotten Geno Smith’s tenure as a Giant, though everyone remembers his Jets’ days. Smith only played in two games as a Giant, but he never gave up the ball in that very short span. David Carr had two stints with the big blue team, together he and Smith headline the TD-INT% rate at 0%. Smith went 21-for-36 passing with a single TD and Carr went 32-for-48 while also throwing a lone touchdown.

To score a touchdown you first need to pass the ball, but to which you need to pass effectively. The top three players for completion percentage are:

1- Alex Tenney 1-1, 100%

2- Ryan Nassib 9-10, 90%

3- Dick Shiner 9-12, 75%

(Best cmp% per 100+ pass attempts: Daniel Jones (active) 1113-1740, 64%)

Winning is everything in football, literally if you’re not able to win then you’re out of a job. Y.A. Tittle took winning to the extreme during his four-year stay with the Giants. A 32-13-3 impact would give him a 69.7 wp%.

Tittle was traded to the Giants from the 49ers after being considered as ‘washed up’ by the San Francisco organization. Coming to New York at 34-years-old, the QB1 would tear it up for three out of the four years, setting the league single-season record twice for touchdown passes. The Texas native led the Giants’ to three straight championship games, though he was never able to win them.

Nevertheless what Tittle did from 1961-64 was something special, posting a 31-5-1 and winning the MVP in 1963. 1964 would be a struggle which would mark his final season in the NFL, going 1-8-2, in what was a major drop in performance after being the defending MVP. Tittle would be out of the league entirely in 1965, his Giants’ tenure mark him as one of their best QBs in franchise history.

Ryan Nassib is just one of those players that were with the Giants’ organization at the wrong time. He was part of the team during their inconsistent years of the backend of Eli Manning’s career, along with injuries playing a factor and Manning being the QB1, Nassib got limited playing time and eventually would find his way off the team. Despite appearing in only five games Nassib performed very well, going 9-for-10 passing and posting an almost perfect 152.1 career QBR. The rating stands first in franchise history and most likely will only be broken if a player has the same amount of success as Nassib in very few games played.

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