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Louis Domingue Caps Off Solid Season With Wolfpack

A third round 3-1 series loss against the Hershey Bears would mark the end to a deep playoff run and impressive season by the Hartford Wolfpack. Now the offseason starts for Hartford, who had one of the best defenses in the regular season.

Louis Domingue just finished up his first season under contract with the New York Rangers. The organization signed Domingue as a free agent to a two-year/$1.55M contract, after a brief stint with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Domingue spent all of 2022/23 as the starter for New York’s AHL affiliate, Hartford Wolfpack.

A 22-12-8 record accompanied by a 2.51 GAA and a .911sv% with Hartford. He would rank 13th in the AHL for save percentage and 10th in wins.

Being a goalie in New York’s system is a difficult task. Already in the NHL is superstar Igor Shesterkin and veteran Jaroslav Halak. Overall the Rangers have seven goalies for their depth chart.

If Domingue does get NHL time it would be as Halak’s replacement. In 2022 the 28-year-old posted a save percentage just above .900% and stood just a game above .500% with a 10-9 record.

The Canadian is 31-years-old and posted that solid stat line in the AHL, he also has a .905 NHL career save percentage. New York would be foolish not to give him an opportunity in the NHL for next season

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