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How Every Current Formula One Team Was Formed

Updated: May 17, 2023

Formula One has been around for over 70 years, in those 70 years there has been over 130 different teams that have had at least one start in a race. As of now there are 10 years which make up a total of 20 drivers on the grid (two cars per team.) Those teams are Williams, Ferrari, Mercedes, HAAS, Red Bull, Alpine, Aston Martin, Alpha Tauri, McLaren and Alfa Romeo.

Each team has such a rich history, several of them never changed over the years, some did not even last a full season with constant buy outs and others competed against each other. In this article we will look at how each team became the team it is today.


Four out of the ten teams on the grid were always there and never changed once, those teams being Ferrari (1950), Williams (1977), HAAS (2014) and McLaren (1966).


Auston Martin Red Bull Racing or Red Bull Racing for short has an overall short history when it comes to name changes. Starting in 1997 as Stewart it competed in the Constructors under that name until its final season in 2000 where Jaguar took over with its famous name, but it left quicker than it came as by the start of the 2005 season Red Bull Racing emerged.


Alpha Tauri is the feeder team for Red Bull as it has produced great grand prix winning drivers over the past several seasons. Starting in the 1981 season it was known as Minardi, the tiny Italian town racing team kept that name until it became Toro Rosso in 2006, In Italian Toro Rosso is 'Red Bull' in english which fit right since it was affiliated with Red Bull Racing. That name stuck until its final season in 2019, it is now Alpha Tauri. Despite the name change it is still affiliated with Red Bull.


The Alpine Formula One team has undergone so many name changes and at one point historically raced against its own team to be. In 1981-1984 Toleman competed in Formula One until being changed to Benetton from 1985-2001 after that for the next eight years it was the Lotus Renault GP team and from 2012-2015 just Lotus, it had no connection with the original Lotus team. During that time there was a Malaysia based F1 teams also called Lotus, both Lotus teams on the track had no affiliation to each other. In 2016 it was changed to Renault where it stayed until the most recent season as it goes into 2021 under the Alpine name. When you trace back the roots you would find that Renault raced from 1977-1985 which meant that Renault and Toleman where on the track at the same time, which means that Renault raced against its soon to be team.


Alfa Romeo Racing started off as Salbur back in 1993, keeping that name until 2005 where it became BMW Salbur for just three short seasons (2006-2009) it then changed back to its original name and kept that until 2018. In 2019 Alfa Romeo Racing emerged via name change.


Aston has such a huge history it deserves its own article, which it may get some day soon. Starting in 1991 as the famous Jordon F1 team it ran under that name until 2005. For the next two years it would have two different name changes (2006 - Midland) (2007 - Spyker) in 2008 it go under the Force India name and keep that for almost a decade, in 2018 to the mid 2020 season until it folded we saw Racing Point on the track. Now it is Aston Martin who competes in the constructors.


Mercedes was never had anything to do with the actual Mercedes as it started off back in 1971 as Tyyrell till 1998. Tyyrell became BAR from 1999-2005 and then the famous Honda team that grabbed the hearts of many fans, that only was around for just two seasons before it left the sport. With about two weeks before the first race of the 2009 Brawn GP would form out of no where and shock the world winning both the drivers championship and the constructors. Brawn GP only lasted that one season despite the success that it gotten in that one season. Mercedes formed in 2010 and would go on to dominate the 2010s.

With that said the teams on the Formula One grid have a very interesting and long history, watch our YouTube video for a bigger look into the teams that made Formula One today.

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