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Hal Steinbrenner To 'Audit' The Yankees Over Offseason

An audit is to come in the Bronx. Hal Steinbrenner has reportedly “had enough” of being runner-up, said one person who’s spoken to the owner often enough to assess his mood.

The audit will begin in early October, addressing the success and failure of the Yankees’ trades in the last decade along with the shake-out of the draft pick, including international. One of the biggest factors that will be addressed is the number of games along with contract money lost to injuries.

The audit will also focus on the state of New York’s minor leagues, most likely a regime change will be made for the management at baseball’s lower league levels.

A World Series appearance / championship has not come since 2009. For the Yankees, a team with an estimated payroll since 2010 of $3,031,814,195, along with a record of 1225-936, which is 1st in the ALE.

It’s just unacceptable to have a payroll above three billion dollars and not have a single championship appearance in that same span.

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