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Giants Hold Meeting With Russell Wilson As 2024 Starter Slot Still In Question

From the final years of Eli Manning being a shell of his former self to Daniel Jones picking up and keeping the Giants in mediocrity, you think “can this get any worse?” The answer is yes, it can get worse.

The New York Giants held an ‘exploratory’ meeting with Russell Wilson in New Jersey. Wilson swung by Giants town ahead of his meeting with the Steelers, as Wilson is on the horizon of being released by the Broncos.

With Daniel Jones in recovery from a torn ACL, New York will likely not have their $160 million dollar man to start Week 1. Big Blue has been projected to draft a quarterback in the first round of many mock drafts, with most recent ones pointing to J.J. M,cCarthy at No. 6.

The constantly injured Jones won’t be cut and Rus is coming off of back-to-back seasons that could be summed up as being a laughing stock. Oh yea, New York also is expected to move on from Tommy DeVito before camp starts so basically the Giants QB slot is the pure definition of questionable.

Since the Broncos still owe Wilson $39 million guaranteed this season, he could conceivably accept a deal for the league minimum of $1.2 million. Wilson has posted an 11-19 record over the past two seasons. Meanwhile Jones has posted a 14-18-1 record over the past three seasons, but if you take out that outlier of 2022/23, then Jones is 5-12 in that span.

Jones and Wilson are basically the same player as of recent with the biggest difference being that Wilson stays healthy.

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