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College Football - All About the Game?

Updated: May 17, 2023

- College Football Is All Party -

The college football 2021 season kicked off several weeks ago with fans packed once again in stadiums. This is a truly new generation of students that are simply built different as in the parking lots filled with the tailgates you can find your average drunken college goer(s.) Go back in the stadium and you see everyone on their cell phones not paying attention to a single thing along with people that are there just for the trend, having no clue whatsoever on what teams are playing.

- Is It That Bad? -

Now overall is that truly a bad thing? In a way yes and no, here's why.

YES! - It is a bad thing as college football is mainly fueled now by younger people with not as many lifelong fans as there were for example in 2000. Many people to attend the games go just to saw that they were there and could care less about the actual game, now is that everyone? No as there are still many who go to cheer their college team on. In the past several years we have seen college football get more audiences and hype due to the NFL along with sport medias covering it more and bringing it up more on tv due to all the top athletes that go in and out of the systems. When you look at it though only about 12-15 teams/colleges fully get attention as others don't get any national tv time at all as they feature less talented players. That leads to smaller crowds and less merchandise sold.

NO! - It is not bad because at the end of the day many people still attend the games and get that college football experience, especially if they are with the student section. With thousands of kids going into college each year the fan ship along with stadium attendance will never fully 'die down' and overall can create a lifetime fan by going to the games. Tailgates have always been part of football and other big sporting events and is even bigger in the NFL, college football provides a little trailer of what is to come when you attend an NFL game.

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