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Breaking Down Max Scherzer's Contract With The New York Mets

Updated: May 17, 2023

Just days before the MLB lockdown in the early 2021 offseason the New York Mets made a lot of money moves for position players and pitchers. One of the moves the Mets made was acquiring 37 year old veteran Starting Pitcher Max Scherzer who posted a 2.46 ERA in the 2021 regular season between two teams. Scherzer is a three time CY Young winner along with being an eight time All Star, he was also on the 2019 Washington Nationals World Series winning team. The Mets got Scherzer on a three year deal that will pay him about $43.3 million annually, that is a total of $3.6M per month, $58k per batters faced, $235k per inning pitched, $5k per hour and $82 every minute of his life during the contract year(s) on the team.

Folks, it is safe to say how ridiculous this contract is and many say that the Mets overpaid due to Scherzer’s age, which makes him more likely to be injured. Fact is the guy can still play baseball and post an ERA below 3.50 into his late 30s, that is more than respectable. Age has become a huge factor in baseball and frankly it’s stupid, I don’t care if a player is 60 years old if he can still play baseball and put up solid consistent numbers then I want them on my team. Max Scherzer is the veteran pitcher the Mets need on their staff, he will go out and lock things down and can also be a mentor to the younger players on the team. The Mets have been so close to playoff baseball the last several years with the biggest issue being pitching and now they finally have their pitcher.

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