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Battle Of New York Basketball: Knicks vs Nets

Updated: May 18, 2023

The New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets have been around for decades in the basketball spotlight. Out of the two teams though it is the Knicks who are the most well-known along with having the larger fanbase, the Knicks is also part of the original NBA franchises when the league first started over 70-years ago. When the Brooklyn Nets have over from the ABA into the NBA as the New Jersey Nets there was a rivalry between the teams due to it being NY/NJ, but once the Nets moved over to Brooklyn in 2012 is when the big apple got a new rivalry. Since 2012 the Knicks have gone 316-478 compared to the Nets 369-425 win-loss record. Overall it is the Brooklyn Nets who are the top team in New York when it comes to winning, but the Knicks will always be the top when it comes to their fanbase as even when the Knicks were 20+ games below .500% they still had MSG packed.

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