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Aaron Rodgers Should Be Benched For Preseason Games

Yesterday on our YouTube, New York Sports Show, we discussed why the New York Jets should not have Aaron Rodgers play in a single preseason game.

The Jets acquired the future hall of fame QB in the offseason, instantly the team became one of the Super Bowl favorites. One downside though is age; Rodgers is 39-years-old, closing in on 40.

Last season he fell victim with a hand injury that undoubtedly affected his season stat line. In football the risk of injury will always be there, but there are ways to prevent them. New York has invested too much in A-Rod, it would be disaster to have him not play the entire season.

Aaron Rodgers is a decade+ veteran of the league, there is no reason to give him preseason playing time. New York wants to continue their development of Zach Wilson, with that said the former 2nd overall pick should get the bulk of playing time in preseason games.

The whole reason why the Jets got Aaron Rodgers was to have a winning QB at the helm. Wilson has been benched multiple times already, he is being labeled a ‘bust’ by both fans and media.

If Rodgers’ plays in the preseason and falls with a season-impacting injury, then Wilson will once again slot into QB1. Let me remind you that Wilson fell victim to injury in last year’s preseason, which would end up having him miss three games.

Giving Rodgers the continued bulk of reps during practice is a great substitute. There is no reason for any team to play a 39-year-old starting QB who will be going into year 19 of his career.

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