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A Short Summary of the West Haven Blue Devils Girl Basketball Team Season So Far

5-0, that is the West Haven Girls Basketball record as of January 13th, 2022. Domination, that is something that the girls basketball team has done in every single game. Blowouts, that is what every win has featured. Crying, that is something that the opposition has done at the end of every game while rethinking both their career and life choices. Most importantly though, ballin’, that is something that every player has done on the West Haven team as they drop buckets.

Now folks I wanna start this off by saying that the West Haven Blue Devils Girls Basketball Team are more than likely to not only make the playoffs, but to also go deep in them with a very possible finals appearance. The biggest factor of the team is consistency up and down the lineup as every rotation has put up solid consistent numbers this season. The Blue Devils take on the Yellow Jackets Saturday at 2:00pm for a home game, the team looks to go 6-0. As of now the girls basketball team is the most winningest team in this winter season, overall West Haven has a 15-12 record between its boys basketball (2-3) and hockey teams (7-9) as the girls have accounted for 12% of the Blue Devils wins this season (Girls 6-0 / Everyone else 8-12.)

The girls seem unstoppable right now and that’s that they are, unstoppable.

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