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3 New York Sport Teams Appear In U.S. Top 10 Franchise Value List

Sportico announced the top 10 most valuable U.S. sports franchisees as of August of 2022. The list featured a total of three New York based sport franchises, making New York one of the most valuable sport cities based on franchise value. The list had the New York Yankees, New York Knicks and New York Giants in that order.

   The New York Yankees we listed second on the list behind the Dallas Cowboys ($7.64B) as the Yankees are valued at $7.01B. The 27-time champions are the top money New York team.

   The New York Knicks were listed in third place at $6.12B, the team that calls Madison Square Garden home are higher by over one billion dollars than MSG counterpart, the New York Rangers.

   The New York Giants took down the Patriots multiple times to win the Super Bowl, but money is something that the Giants could not win in against the Patriots team. Coming in behind the $5.88B Patriots is the Giants that are worth $5.73B.

New York is a true money ball team no matter what the sport is.

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