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NYSS-West Haven or NYSS-WH for short is a page that is in affiliation with the New York Sports Show. The NYSS has covered West Haven Blue Devils sport teams since 2019 and has grown to be the flagship channel for Blue Devil sports. Now the New York Sports Show has brought in NYSS-WH to showcase exclusively Blue Devils content. NYSS-WH will be the main provider for the Blue Devils Football and Hockey teams along with the various other teams that West Haven has to offer 

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NYSS-WH was founded on November 9th, 2021 by Dominic Konareski who has been the all-around man for Blue Devil sport reporting since the NYSS started covering teams in 2019. Konareski founded NYSS-WH to give high school athletes more coverage and a better chance to be scouted by college and major league teams while also giving the players and coaches their own voice in raw uncut interviews and game coverage

NYSS-WH captures the raw aspect of high school sports and its players

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NYSS-WH is always recording when on scene so we never miss a moment. Full game coverage from start to finish with no ads, just pure sports

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Are YOU a Blue Devils athlete and want to get your name out to thousands of people? Drop us an email by clicking the picture above to set up an interview

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